Friday, March 14, 2008

words of wisdom

Words of wisdom from a hotline caller today:

"It takes two to make a caning; the one with the cane and the one that bends over."

I'll inform Amnesty International immediately.

Paws on Parade

starry pup

Starr had a great time at the Bangor Humane Society "Paws on Parade" event last fall. Makes me yearn for warm weather again!
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Monday, March 10, 2008

poverty sucks

Gag. Poverty sucks. Maine is up for HUGE budget cuts in human services...some directly through the department of health and human services, but others from non-profits that get huge percentages of their funding from state contracts (called purchases services). So, when you read about the budget cuts you are looking at cuts to crucial Maine services like Family Planning, Assisted Living, Elder supports, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault supports, and tons more. Please check out the webpage for Maine Can Do Better:

My editorial in the Bangor Daily News may (temporarily) be found here: