Friday, March 30, 2007

up and coming

It's funny that Gwen was just saying her lilies are up, because I just took some pics at the St. Francis Church of their flowers starting to bud. The little tongue depressor in the dirt next to them informed me that they were "day lilies." All I know is, IT'S ALIVE! That means it is SPRING! (insert jumping and yelling) :) ljl

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring on the Rocks

Yay! It is warm out! My various special places on the property are visible from beneath the snow! The dog was rolling in the (still dead) grass, this weekend. I decided to go out and take a couple of pics. These are of my altars in the back field--NOW VISIBLE! Hope everybody gets a chance to go out and play (she says from her concrete work-day crate). :-p ljl

website stardom

My baby doggie face doodle is on the picture gallery at maine greyhound placement (! Check it out! (her name is Stardom) :) ljl

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Students Opposing Dating Abuse

We did our day-long goal-setting, trainer-refresher course type meeting for the local high school peer educators, yesterday. It was fun. They plan to do a play-with-interviews type of film project and take it to the MYAN (Maine Youth Action Network) Conference, next Fall. We worked on the script until our brains were all melted and then we had a half hour of "theatrical combat" where two of the girls were choreographing an abuse scene. It was a bit surreal, watching them beat the snot out of each other (though I knew in my head that they weren't). :0

food is our primary recruiting tool. :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

over the river and thru the woods to the statehouse we....oh, whatever.

We (a bunch of us from work including a survivor who has been working with us for some time) hauled our asses to Augusta for a dv press conference and legislator schmooze-fest, yesterday. It was okay. I photo-journalled the whole thing for work, the state coalition, and ME! I got to stand in front with the press (both of them!) and everything. Here are some of the pics. Afterwards we went to a Thai place that was literally next door to the Maine Greyhound Placement kennel, where I got star. And we have an intern from the U of Colorado with us. Somebody gave her crack so she would act really funny. At least I'm pretty sure somebody did. It was awesome. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves. :) happy friday, ljl

T-shirt project does community awareness: shirts done by survivors and friends/family.

Some of the legislators meant to stand behind the speakers. Some just got caught on the stairs. "What the hell are they doing? I need to get to the cafeteria!"
The Silent Witnesses commemorate domestic homicide victims.
This is a pretty good restaurant, though some members of our party were not into thai food. I was yelling, "gag into the camera!"
Just say no, KD. And take that nice man's napkin off your head. Please.
We felt as stuffed and sleepy as these two, by the end. Not that that stopped one car from getting sundaes at Dysarts and the other from driving thru Dairy Queen.

Off we go, into the (lack of) sunset!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

got milk?

I went to one of my social work type meetings this morning -- feeling VERY old on my orthopedic pillow (due to a fall on the steps at work during the icy time)--and they were advertising the infant mental health coalition's "breast feeding coalition" meeting. "Lunch will be served." Well, duh!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007


cool. i finally got an adjustment for my back and neck. now i go three times a week and get a quick adjustment, then a few minutes of "interferential electrotherapy" a.k.a. "cryofreeze (ice) treatment on my back/neck, plus electro-shocks or some junk. very interesting. but it feels great and it is definitely making an improvement! :)

Friday, March 09, 2007

birthday toys!

when I got to work today, my already cluttered office was full of:

more candy
a really obscene amount of candy
a big present on my chair!

the present turned out to be a homer simpson talking clock! he looks really fun. yay, work! thanks, everybody. :)

And here the little bugger is, in my horribly cluttered office, patiently waiting to be fully assembled.

I'm Hammered!

Well, I went to the chiropractor and they did about three hours of diagnostics. I got hit from head to toe with the little hammer and they took tons of x-rays. Had to wear the assless wonder-gown. Nice. I have to go in Monday to have anything adjusted. Ice four times a day until then. I find it slightly ironic that I slipped on ice and now I have to treat it with ice. Cosmic!

Seriously, I am very happy that I am getting close to having someone fix the thing. The aching is bugging me. They said I have whiplash and pinched nerves, among other things. They don't want to mess around with me too much until they read the x-rays. At least we're on our way.

Driving in was/is hard. I groan every time I go over a pothole which, in Maine, is pretty much constant. Plus this morning I gave myself a high-end, spa-style facial by spilling peach tea and soymilk all over my face during the drive over. Am I a great multi-tasker, or what? Uh...what.

:) happy weekend, me.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I wan' my baby back, baby back (aligned with my) ribs

I didn't blog about this at the time, but I slipped on the steps at work while closing the office down a couple of fridays ago (don't even get me started about how unfair THAT was on a cosmic scale--falling on friday, that is). I had my backpack purse on, so that helped, but I fell right on my back on the steps and HARD! I haven't had a good night's sleep since. This is the first time I have reported a workplace injury and now I know why. I have been told fifty different things by fifty different people and NO ONE has treated me yet. I have two appointments this week and then I hope to feel better. Blah!

snow daze

man, is it winter! we had a blizzard last thursday that shut everything down for the day. one of my friends is pottying outside because her whole pipe system is shut down until the ground thaws (her house pipes, I mean--thank goddess!). my other friend had a car accident today, trying to get to work. my dog wouldn't pee this morning. she has such thin skin on her legs, you can see daylight thru her tendons. even with her coat and boots on, she just sat down outside and wouldn't move. so I'll probably have a mess to clean up but that's the way it goes. it was too harsh. they estimate down to -30 degree windchills today, and it feels it.

come on, spring solstice!

well, the only good thing is the scenery. preferably viewed from a position of security and comfort--not out the window of your trashed car or from the back yard while you're trying to take a leak.