Monday, August 18, 2008

Soo Much to Tell!

OMG - I have fallen so far behind in my blogging that I feel totally overwhelmed. It has been a busy, busy summer!

First off I will try to put up some pics of my visit to my dad in upstate NY. We went to NYC together to spend a day at the Met. Museum of Art. It was great! Okay...then I'll try to catch up on the rest of the summer in moderate increments. Here we go! :^D

The short visit started with a fun evening and my dad and "other mother," Mary Ann's house near Oneonta. Then we went to Cooperstown for a day. Not bad. It wasn't really baseball hall of fame season or it would have been harder to walk around that little berg than Manhattan!

The next day we got on a charter bus at the crack of dawn. It was at least a three hour trip to the city. I listened to my iPod alot. I chose Plastic Ono Band since Yoko Ono's studio retreat is only a couple of miles from dad's house (as evidenced by occasional helicopter landings but not much else) and it felt like appropriate music as we rolled past Woodstock and thru the rolling woods & fields of upstate.

Then we got to the Lincoln Tunnel. Scary! Then downtown Manhattan. It was nice since we didn't have to worry about driving or parking or anything. We chilled in Central Park for an hour or so but mostly just stayed in the museum. The least touristy thing we did was to eat our peanut butter sandwiches while squatting behind the Met. dumpsters...trying not to get killed by fat attack pigeons. Oh, speaking of birds, we did see the hawk nest and the encampment of ornithologists under the townhouse that the likes of Woody Allen share (not willingly) with the famous Central Park hawk, Pale Male.

PS: meet DAD: :^p

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