Monday, May 04, 2009

get the firehose!

I seem to be working out my cleaning karma this month. I spent most of the weekend cleaning at home...mostly the kitchen, which badly needs reorganizing. Then I came to work today, emptied the trash, and made some coffee in a fancy coffee/espresso maker that a coworker recently brought in (second hand with no instructions). I decided to try the hot milk steamer for the first time. This resulted in me effectively blowing up the kitchen. I turned it on. Nothing. I figured it had to warm up. I went upstairs (mistake). When I came down the hall I could hear this really loud hissing. I hurried downstairs to find it doing a pretty damn impressive job of spraying down the whole kitchen area with steaming hot water. So by the time I had it all cleaned up (and had produced a tepid but fairly correct looking latte), my coworker said to tell everyone how on the ball I was; first I brewed a big pot of coffee, then I cleaned the kitchen! ummm, yeah! One thing I definitely learned...I now understand why the specialty coffees cost so much!!! Pain and emotional damages.


Gwen said...

Damn Straight! You got the COFFEE pot to clean the kitchen for you!! That's Talent!!

CrimsonCrow said...


I'm so sorry!

I mean, I'm so sorry I'm laughing with tears rolling down my cheeks.