Tuesday, May 04, 2010

catch up

gosh, it feels hard to blog these days! but things are fairly okay. one major issue lately has been the health of my familiar and furry soul-mate, Ophelia. I got Ophelia in Tennessee when I was in grad school at Vanderbilt. She and her sister, Sarah, are named after MinniePearl (Sarah Ophelia Colley-Cannon) who died the week I adopted them and whose name was prominent in the Nashville media at that time. That was summer of 1996 so, whether I want to admit it or not, my kitties are almost fourteen years old! in general they are very healthy but at her last exam the vet noticed that Ophelia had early stage thyroid tumors. they are benign in the cancer sense but they lead her thyroid to overproduce and that can cause heart problems as well as other systems to fail if it progresses too much. so the diagnosis was very scary but we are being proactive. I am taking O to the holistic vet in belfast and he has given her some supplements and diet changes that we hope will regulate her thyroid for a long time to come. anyone reading this send us good healing energy please! she's my girl.

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