Monday, July 10, 2006

"Dude, I lost my pants (and ten points right off the top of my IQ)"

Catching up. Spent last Friday with my best friend, Gwennie, watching late nite TV and drinking truly puke-worthy quantities of soy-based cappacino.

By about 1AM, we started noticing some really blatant changes in the quality of the commercial-break material. You know, as if that stuff is ever any good. But it was just getting DIRTY.

I didn't find that part offensive. I enjoyed the guy-on-guy stupidity of "Heat Strokes," and "Dude, I lost my pants." Trying to be studs, and not a girl to be seen. Anywhere.

The thing that bugged me was the blatant lack of creativity in the girl-porn. I mean, I'm sure it sells really well -- but does that mean they can just stop trying? The names were like, "Girls gone wild," or "Extreme Coeds." Come on.

I have some suggestions (as a post-modernist feminist who can talk about this stuff tongue firmly in cheek and not in somebody's pants -- lost or otherwise):

Bushmasters! (Simple, but solid)

Dude, I lost my thong (up my ass!)

Come on! (why not?)

Hmm. Never mind. I'm not cut out for porn. Not even 2AM-cable-porn. Sigh.

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Gwen said...

It was actually worse, it was "Dude, where's my pants". At least it was good for a laugh, even now. Not as funny as the "shittin' hole", but still funny!