Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"a picture is worth a thousand turds" (title by crimsoncrow, thanks very much)

a friend of mine is enduring the worst of new england, wintry ordeals--no septic and no water. awful! and they can't fix it until the ground is soft enough to backho (who are you callin' a backho???)

so I got online and googled "camp toilets" on an impulse--hoping to find something cheap she might want to buy for the forseeable future. all the top google hits were on! and they were SO funny that we wished we were sitting on a hassock-crapper when we read the page.let's see--there was the "luggable loo," a low end and affordable (bucket). don't worry, though--it comes with a bag of (6) "double doodie toilet bags." how civilized.

then comes the high-end equipment like the no-flush with cushioned seat! it's a toilet and a hassock. never miss out on your favorite tv shows again! aside from the bedsores, your quality of life will be vastly improved. we were visualizing the long board meetings and committee meetings we have to go to at work--an advocate on every pot. Isn't that what FDR wanted, or was it a chicken in every pot? details, details.

thanks,! now all I need is some reading material....


CrimsonCrow said...

It's a hassock.
It's a toilet.

It's a hassock.
It's a toilet.

It's a hassock and a toilet!

Gwen said...

If you have to carry around a bucket of poo, do you really care if it has a toilet seat? I have a bucket, and I have trash bags. Some person is probably making thousands or millions of dollars by putting trash bags in a bucket with a toilet seat on it!

Now, a hassock toilet sounds like a vacation compared to the luggable loo. It even comes with it's own roll of TP. Now I never have to leave my living room!!! LOL!

BTW - ROTFLMAO at Crimson Crow's comment! :o)