Tuesday, March 06, 2007

snow daze

man, is it winter! we had a blizzard last thursday that shut everything down for the day. one of my friends is pottying outside because her whole pipe system is shut down until the ground thaws (her house pipes, I mean--thank goddess!). my other friend had a car accident today, trying to get to work. my dog wouldn't pee this morning. she has such thin skin on her legs, you can see daylight thru her tendons. even with her coat and boots on, she just sat down outside and wouldn't move. so I'll probably have a mess to clean up but that's the way it goes. it was too harsh. they estimate down to -30 degree windchills today, and it feels it.

come on, spring solstice!

well, the only good thing is the scenery. preferably viewed from a position of security and comfort--not out the window of your trashed car or from the back yard while you're trying to take a leak.


Gwen said...

or while you are taking a leak in your trashed car. Any way you look at, winter sucks!! She is actually going out to the backyard to tinkle? I thought the luggable loo idea was pretty good. You get a nice toilet seat and you never have to move again! LOL!


CrimsonCrow said...

she is tinkling, and other things, in a bucket when the temperature is cold enough to freeze her butt cheeks together...

Doing anything in a bucket isn't really all that bad. Cleaning it out without runable water, now that is just plain nasty.

Life is full of nasty. So glad I have a place to share it!