Tuesday, May 08, 2007

may I have my $28 000 back, please?

My whole life has become like my time on the treadmill. If I think too hard I topple over.

Speaking of which....

I saw something on the news today about the woman with the Marian Grilled Cheese. I saw the sandwich for the first time.

There has been a terrible mistake.

That is not the Virgin Mary. No, no! It is Clara Bow. CLARA BOW!

Mary wouldn't have worn that much eye shadow. She wouldn't have worn that style of eye shadow even if she went all to hell in Egypt. No way, no how. That is Clara Bow. Although Crimsoncrow suggests that it may be Clarabell the clown, which is possible. Yet I offer pictorial evidence:

So...do I get a cut off that $28 000 sandwich? Oh. Well, fuck it, then.


Gwen said...

OMG IT IS!! How to hell did you put that together? Either you must be more into silent films than I thought, or it's a brilliant forgery! Anywho, the Virgin Mary does NOT wear THAT much lipstick!! LOL!

Gwen said...

Ok, I didn't read all of it. D'Oh! If I had, I wouldn't look stupid when I ask how you found out.

I can't brain today, i have the dumb! lol