Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ode to Freedom

This is a beautiful uTube sponsored by PETA2 (the youth activist branch of PETA). They also put out a tee shirt on the "Ode to Freedom" theme. Inspired by the concept, I made my own Ode. It is not a classical ode but it is done in metric verse.

An Ode to Freedom


Soft grass upon the hillside grows,

it blooms in gold and green


The worms below will till the soil,

all life on earth to feed


The mother cow takes sweetness in,

to meet her baby’s need


No grasping hand to steal her milk,

no predatory deed


From worm to cow to calf to me,

all creatures may be free


When we who take so heedlessly

allow all life to be


In concert and, by divine right,

exist in Liberty.



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