Tuesday, August 15, 2006

bats will start eating the sun

quote of the day:

“Bats will start eating the sun,” I expanded. “Horses will be born with tails on their heads, and cubes of frozen urine will land on our roof terraces offering us cigarettes.”

Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

*** it's the literary greats that keep me going.

This reminds me - I had a bat in my living room the other day. Poor little thing was being tracked by at least six cats before I caught it. It landed (very sensibly) on a wooden halloween sign that I never bothered to take down, last year. It stayed perched on that while I removed it, bat'n'kaboodle, from the wall and took it outside. Then battykins flew off into the dark recesses of the woodshed. I love our many batty friends. They eat the mosquitoes.

** pps: crimsoncrow informs me that the "frozen cubes of urine" fall from airplanes. EEEEW!


Gwen said...

EWWWW! I live under a flight path of airplanes! At least they are taking off and landing, so they're probably not sending off any form of urine! That's what I'm going to believe in order to keep living there! LOL!


Gwen said...

Bridget Jones Me! I need another hilarious quote! LOL!