Saturday, March 06, 2010

Cool New Development at the Hawthorne!

Well, not long after I blogged last time I went out to get some supplies and then to use an ATM. the first THREE of them were out of service! So I learned from the concierge where there was an actual bank and walked down there while mom rested.

When I came back she was all excited. The front desk called and offered to upgrade us to a fancier room because it was my birthday! At first I was totally mystified but then they told me it was because I posted on the Hawthorne blog that I was there for my b-day.

So now we are in a really big room with a view right out over the front door onto Essex St. (versus a wall and some AC vents which were our view in the other room). Not only do we have two queen size bed but two BATHROOMS with TUBS in them! We had a tiny potty and shower in the other one. now we can do tandem baths and race each other! Freaky! It is soooo cool and obviously I love the Hawthorne more than ever! Oh yeah and don't worry, there's still an iHome and an even bigger TV! ;0)


CrimsonCrow said...

*ucking *antastic!

Lyle said...

Wow, This is wonderful! I think it would be superfun to stay at the Hawthorne too!!! Dad