Saturday, March 06, 2010

Salem2: Witch You Were Here!

phew! here we are at about two PM on our full day in Salem and back at the hotel for a rest. the DaVinci Code is on the TV so that's fun.

you already heard all about our breakfast so I'll start after that: we went and go tickets to the historical trolley tour that takes us all over the points of interest and also functions as a shuttle. It was just ready to go when we showed up so we took the whole tour first, and you'll see a ton of pics I took from that. you can tell which ones because you can usually see some part of the trolley and/or the driver reflected in the pics but it's close enuff for me to serve as a souvenir. :0)

after we had taken the whole tour we rode the trolley down to Pickering Wharf and did all the shops down there. I got a coupla shiny witchy birthday things and had fun. then we had lunch and stopped at the "Olde Pepper Companie" chocolate store for ...umm...dessert plus about forty dollars worth of take away. they make their own chocolates. nuff said.

after a rest we are gonna do a bit more, culminating in a walking ghost tour tonite, hopefully. and home to see the kitties tomorrow! they're gonna be mad but at least I got them a bag of nip at Artemisia Botanicals. :0)

Oh, and when we were at Laurie Cabot's shop we noticed it's her birthday today! Cool.

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CrimsonCrow said...

This is great to be able to share your vacation as you go!