Saturday, March 06, 2010

My birthday in Salem

Hi there! Well, here I am in Salem MA for my 37th birthday! M getting up there but still able to get around :0p

We drove here yesterday and got in about three PM so we had a coupla hours of daylight to crawl around. Today is our full day here so who knows what we'll get up to!

We are in the historic Hawthorne Hotel on the Common. We stay here every time mom is with me cause she loves their roomservice breakfast. We got the smallest cheapest room we could and are basically staying here just for the roomservice! But once we got used to our tiny and slightly electrically quirky room we found that it was a good little place. The outlets are hanging out of the wall and I temporarily killed the TV trying to plug my computer in but after that was fixed I was happy. we have a flat screen tv which for all their hype I'm not that excited makes the people look spread out and wider than they are and the colors are a little funny. But the clock is an i Home and my i Pod actually fits on it, unlike my own i Home which I have to plug the pod into with a usb! go figure.

So here are some pics of our room, the common, and the cool mural out behind Laurie Cabot's Essex Street shop. I'll let u know what we get up to today. So far an after dark ghost walk is on the agenda but the guy said it would depend on how many people show up so we'll see.....   :0) ljl

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