Friday, March 16, 2007

over the river and thru the woods to the statehouse we....oh, whatever.

We (a bunch of us from work including a survivor who has been working with us for some time) hauled our asses to Augusta for a dv press conference and legislator schmooze-fest, yesterday. It was okay. I photo-journalled the whole thing for work, the state coalition, and ME! I got to stand in front with the press (both of them!) and everything. Here are some of the pics. Afterwards we went to a Thai place that was literally next door to the Maine Greyhound Placement kennel, where I got star. And we have an intern from the U of Colorado with us. Somebody gave her crack so she would act really funny. At least I'm pretty sure somebody did. It was awesome. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves. :) happy friday, ljl

T-shirt project does community awareness: shirts done by survivors and friends/family.

Some of the legislators meant to stand behind the speakers. Some just got caught on the stairs. "What the hell are they doing? I need to get to the cafeteria!"
The Silent Witnesses commemorate domestic homicide victims.
This is a pretty good restaurant, though some members of our party were not into thai food. I was yelling, "gag into the camera!"
Just say no, KD. And take that nice man's napkin off your head. Please.
We felt as stuffed and sleepy as these two, by the end. Not that that stopped one car from getting sundaes at Dysarts and the other from driving thru Dairy Queen.

Off we go, into the (lack of) sunset!

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Gwen said...

Lovely photojournalism Leslie! I feel like I was there even though I was TRAPPED at my desk in my small cubicle at work. At least I have a window though! It's like being in a fish bowl! I can see the outside, but I can't go outside. LOL!