Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm Hammered!

Well, I went to the chiropractor and they did about three hours of diagnostics. I got hit from head to toe with the little hammer and they took tons of x-rays. Had to wear the assless wonder-gown. Nice. I have to go in Monday to have anything adjusted. Ice four times a day until then. I find it slightly ironic that I slipped on ice and now I have to treat it with ice. Cosmic!

Seriously, I am very happy that I am getting close to having someone fix the thing. The aching is bugging me. They said I have whiplash and pinched nerves, among other things. They don't want to mess around with me too much until they read the x-rays. At least we're on our way.

Driving in was/is hard. I groan every time I go over a pothole which, in Maine, is pretty much constant. Plus this morning I gave myself a high-end, spa-style facial by spilling peach tea and soymilk all over my face during the drive over. Am I a great multi-tasker, or what? Uh...what.

:) happy weekend, me.


CrimsonCrow said...

I, for one am really, really glad you did a workers comp claim for this! Otherwise it may have all come out of your pocket or not been really handled to fully diagnose what happened!

Gwen said...

Doesn't everyone have a peach tea and soymilk facial while in the car?!? Plus, it's great for the new clothes. Wouldn't want them to be free of stains for very long! LOL! Those little hammers the chiropractors use are torture devices. The inventors of those things probably sit around thinking "Wouldn't it be funny if we made something to poke the patient with..." LOL!